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Yeah snow for my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don't have to go in to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!! And if anyone is going to be shopping tomorrow...make sure to be safe!
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i'm slowly working on the next chapter of secrets. i've been busy with work and i'm kinda stick on what should happen next but i'll figure it out soon. my brother is coming home tuesday...and i can't wait for that! he's been in the hosptel for 2 months now. and i bet that he misses home.
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HAPPY BIRHTDAY [ profile] muffintoppers HOPE YOU HAD SOME FUN TODAY!!!!
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I just wanted to let everyone know that i'm slowly working on the new chapter (secrets) and slowly working on the rewrite (On vacation). and i don't know when i'll get them done. but i'll post them when they are.
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Now i know why i hate guys sometimes. why do they hold it in until they blow up? i really don't understand them. oh well. not my falt.

okay here is what happen. i was dating this guy but then i stop hearing from him. then about three monthes later he just started showing up and thinking that i'm still dating him. so i just went with it until i could stand him. then his one friend wanted to help out  and he (his friend) pointed out that i'm wasn't really dating him. and then his friend ask me what i want him to change. so i told him and now the guy that i was supposely dating wants me to wait for him to change. and not date other guys until his does. His friend had ask me out the other day and i told him yes yesterday. now Dan (the i was supposely dating) is mad at me and Flar (his friend.). cuz now i'm dating him. and this is what i got when i signed onto yahoo messenger this morning:

Dan: if you would rather go out with flar then fine but dont expcet me to change over night. aslo tell him to not contact me unless he is dieing good bye
Dan: wish you weremore then willing to try then anything but so what is alli shall say

and this is my reply back to him:

wisemouthteen18: why are u being a dick head? i know i should have let u given u more time. but all that it was doing to me was driving me up the wall. u r being like a high skooler. mayber that is what u are. u still need to grew the fuck up. u need to learn that i can't always wait around for people to change. just so i can give them another chance. i'm sorry but that isn't have i work. and u should have know that. but now u are just reminding me of why i really hate some of my ex's. and why are u pushing flar away? it was my choice! not him. i didn't ask him out...he ask me out. so okay....what kind of friend r u than? not the one that u thought u were. OH AND I STILL WANT MY FUCKING MOVIE BACK! I'M NOT BUYING MY SISTER OTHER ONE JUST TO SAVE HER ASS! u are mad at me so take it out on me not flar!
wisemouthteen18: u are gonna need all the fucking friends u can get. but i guess u don't believe that. cuz i thought we (me and u) were friends. i guess i was wrong once again. but i'm not going to cry over it....cuz i lost more friends than u have. and i still have some more and i can make friends more easier than ur ass. bye....dickhead!

now i feel a little better.
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slowly working. i just haven't been in the mood to write.
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I just wanted to let everyone know that i'm working on a new story with my friend and still working on: Secrets, On Vaccation (a rewrite), and Backstage Where Anything Can Happen (with my friend [profile] crazy4mikey). The two stories that i'm working on with [profile] crazy4mikey are on our LJ [profile] backstage14
Apr. 3rd, 2009 10:33 am

why me?

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Why me?

A young boy was sitting on a windowsill watching the children play outside. He was very interested in one of the children…she didn’t look like she was playing nicely with the other children and it looked more like she was trying to mess up the game the children were playing. Then again, he would not know if he was right or not because he did not even know what game, the…children were playing and if that was part of the game.

He was not paying any attention to what was going on in the room that he was in…to see that the other children were all looking into his room to see what was going to happen to him.

He heard some whispers in the next room and some of the whispers were close to his room. He looks over at his door to see about five to seven of the children hiding behind his door and a lady walking toward him. Hs did not say anything, he did not look away from the lady, and he did not even move.

He just watched the lady come closer to him and by the look on her face he could tell that he did something wrong. He took one deep breath and he slowly let the breath out.

When she was close enough to touch the boy, she grabbed his arm and pulled him off the windowsill. She could tell that he was so scared out of his mind. She threw him into the wall as she closed the door to his room. She walked over to the scared boy and just stood in front of him for a minute or two before she said a single word.

He could not wait any longer so he said, “What did I do wrong now? I was just sitting there looking out the window…watching the kids play outside.”

“That is what you did wrong! What if one of the kids outside saw you? Then what do you think would happen?”

“But nobody saw me and nobody would because I'm up in the attic window looking down at them.”

“How can you be so sure about that? They could have looked up here but not shown that they were looking up at you. How stupid are you?”

“Whhhyy did yoou shut the dooor?” he said as calmly as he could…he was looking right into her eyes. He could not tell what she was thinking or what she was going to do but he figured that whatever she was going to do to him she did not want the other children to see it.

She just stood there looking into his eyes knowing that he couldn’t read her mind…even though she knew that he knew that he was gonna get punished for being bad. She wanted to keep him like that for a minute or two to see if he figures out what is gonna happen to him.

Why won’t she just do what she wants to do me so I can go to sleep and sleep away all the pain she made me feel. He just knew that she was going to cozy him pain…she always does in one way or another. That is when he had a weird though…maybe she wants him to figure out what she is going to do to him or she want me to wait to see if him get more scared. If that’s what she wanted to do was to get him more scared she was winning that one…oh no he hopes she doesn’t want to do anything sexual with him…he didn’t want that to happen again… because he didn’t want to do that with someone who could be his mother.

She knew how much he hated to do anything sexual but she just loved to watch him try to get away from her and the decent sadness look in his eyes. Along with the cries fro her to stop the way his body is trying to get away from her and sometimes the there’s tears in his eyes…the only thing that she could figure out was why was he crying without any sound. She knew that it most have felt weird to him but he’ll get used to it in time…hopefully. That’s when she said, “Okay, Zachary, take your clothes off.”

“Oootaay,” was all he could say as he started to take off his clothes. He took off his shirt and pants, as she push them out of the way.

She notices that he wasn’t going to take his boxers off so she said, “Zachary, your boxers have to come off too.”

“Ooooh,” he said as he realize what was gonna happen to him. As he pulled his boxers off he closed his eyes and wished that he was some place else but where he was….and that he wasn’t going to get to be this lady’s sex toy.

She picked him up as if he had clothes on and moved him to his bed as she made sure that nobody came into the room while she wasn’t looking. She knew they like to do that…when they really want to know what he gonna get done to him. She wonder if the other children she has at her house…knew who Zachary was. If so would they try to tell the cops? But she wasn’t too much worry about that because most of the children can’t leave the house.

When she got to the bed she could feel him starting to shake. That told her that he didn’t want her to do anything to him. But she really didn’t care what he though about her.

Why does she like to do this to him…he means does she get some kind of thrill from making him go through all this pain…it’s just so crazy! Why can’t she just let me go thought the boy as he tries to get out from underneath her. He wonders how long she is gonna make him do thing tonight.

She wonders if he knows that this is gonna be he’s last night in this house and doing this with me. She bits that he probable doesn’t know that it is…so she wasn’t going to make this long and she knew that she had to clean him up before she leaves him anywhere. She wasn’t sure where she was gonna put him but she knew that he couldn’t stay here anymore.

Hey what is that pain…he knew that she had given him something because the pain in his arm wasn’t a cut or a half kiss half bite that he knew she like to give him sometimes. His vision started to go dark…it wasn’t long before he couldn’t see or move…or even think.


When I could feel that someone was holding me, I kinda got scared because I didn’t know if it was that lady or someone else. I slowly open my eyes when I heard someone say, “He’s waking up…he’s waking up, everyone!” The voice was loud and very close to my ear…but I could tell that I wasn’t with that lady anymore and I could feel my self smile a little bit. When I final got my eyes open…I wished that I didn’t open my eyes because the lights in the room were so bright that I had to close my eyes again.

I felt someone touch my head and in a whisper the person said, “Are the lights too bright for you, honey?”

Who called me honey…how come that voice sound familiar? You know what I did…I open my eyes up again…this time slowly and when I had my eyes open I notice that they had turn the lights down. That’s when I notice that someone was carrying me down a somewhat dark hall. I looked up to see that the someone who was holding me was a lady. However, this lady was not the same lady that had force him to do some things that I rather not say to me. This lady look nice, she was smiling down at me…I hope she don’t run into anything…and she seems so friendly.

I turn my head to see where she was taking me and I saw that there were three doors down the hall…two out of the three doors were closed while the last one was open with a light on. From the way that the lady was walking I could tell that we were going to the open door.

I looked back up at her and she smiled as she said, “It’s okay honey…you don’t have to worry now…your home and no body is gonna take you away from us again.”

What is she talking about? Who took me away from my home? Who is this lady and what does she want with me? But something deep down in side of me told me that I could trust this lady. That she isn’t gonna hurt me…like the other lady did. Why did the other lady hurt me the way she did? I hope she gets into trouble and goes to jail.

When the lady walked into the room, the room had a bunk and a single bed. What is she gonna do with me? What did I do wrong now? I didn’t want to wait to find out…so I did the only thing I could think of…I jumped out of her arms and I put my back up against the wall. I slowly looked up at the lady to see what she was gonna do…the first thing that I saw was that smile was fading away fast and she kinda looked upset. But she didn’t move…she didn’t come any closer to me nor did she move back. She just stood there…and she kinda look scared of what I did. I looked down at the floor and I heard her say, “Zachary, honey, why did you jump out of my arms? I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“What do you mean?” I said as I slowly looked up at her. I could tell that I had surprised her by talking.

“Why did you say that? Did you think I was gonna hurt you…” was all she could say because a boy who was much older than me walked into the room and said, “Mom, what’s going on? I though you were gonna put Zac to bed…so he can sleep.”

“I was Ike but he jumped out of my arms as soon as I got close to the bed. Then he ran to the wall and he hasn’t moved. It’s almost like he doesn’t remember me or something.”

“Wow, that’s weird…why don’t you let me try?”

“Okay honey, but I would go slowly with him.”

“Okay mom,” the older boy…Ike I think that’s what she said his name was…said as he slowly walked towards me. Then when he got close to me, he said, “I’m not gonna hurt you, Zac. I’m one of your older brothers, Isaac or Ikey-poos…as you like to call me.” he said as he sat on the bed…but he was close enough to grab me if he wanted to. Now why does that one name sound so familiar? Ikey-poos…could I have really be his younger brother? If so then why don’t I remember him…would I remember him with all the stuff that…that the one lady had gave me so she can do whatever she doesn’t want me to know about. “That one name sounds familiar to me…”

“Which one, Zac?”

“Ikey-poos…but you don’t look familiar to me…do you know how that can be?”

“Well maybe whoever took you gave you something to make you black out your memorizes…or something like that.”

“She did give me some kind of shot that would make me black out…for awhile,” I said as I looked at the boy who looked very confused about something. Then I looked at the lady who was now moving to the single bed to sit down next to the boy. She also looked confused. When she was about to say something another boy walked into the room. He looked about a few years older than me…but he looked familiar to me.

He looked at me for a minute or two before he said, “Zac aren’t you tired? Why don’t you lay down to get some rest.”

“You look familiar to me…what’s your name?” I said…I could tell that I had surprised him by my question but I really wanted to know his name.

“Wow Zac, someone looks familiar to you I’m very surprised by that…I mean you remember my nickname that you given me…but you didn’t remember who I was.”

“Ike honey…I think that’s because Taylor…”

“Tay-bear…” I said in almost a whisper. I could see the smile on the lady’s and the one boy’s…the one by the door…face as they softly heard the name I said.

“Zac, sweaty, could you say that again? So I can make sure that I heard you right.”

“Sure…I said Tay-bear.”

“Yeah…that’s the nickname you call me. How did you remember that?”

“When she said Taylor…that nickname came to mind and it kinda just came out.”

“She…? You mean…hey can I ask you something?” he said as he walked slowly towards me. I could tell that he was being careful not to get me to be afraid of him.

“Sure what is it?”

“Do you know…I mean remember who this lady is?”

“No but she seems very friendly. Who is she?”

“Well she’s our mother…Zac do you know where you are…I mean do you remember this room?”

“Nope, sorry I don’t know this room. Really…? She’s our mom? Wow, I really feel so bad about not remembering my own mother.”

“That’s okay honey…I bet in time you will remember more things over time.”

“Okay…can I go to bed now?”

“Sure honey…do you want to change out of those clothes?”

“Yes, please…that would be really nice…”

“Taylor could you grab Zac, some clothes to change into.”

“Sure mom, I can do that…do you want me to show him where his clothes are?”

“Not right now…but you and Ike can show him around tomorrow.”

“Okay mom…” he said as I watch him walk over to a dresser and started to open up dross to find some clothes for me to wear.

When he found some clothes for me to wear, he said, “I’ll show you to the bathroom for you to change in.”

“Okay,” I said as I slowly followed him out of the room and into the hallway. I followed him until he stop in front of a door that I guess was the bathroom. That’s when I said, “Why couldn’t I change in the room we all were in?”

“Well I guess that’s because I’m so used to you always changing in the bathroom. So I guess I did think about that.”

“Oh…I did…? I don’t remember that.”

“That’s okay…you can change in the bathroom.”

“Could you stay with me…because I’m…” I said as I looked around and I saw a guy walking away from us. I look back up at Taylor to see that he had a confused look on his face. Then he said, “Yeah, sure, I’ll stay with you but do you want me to stand by the door or do you want me to go into the bathroom with you? I can do either I don’t care.”

“Could you…come into the bathroom with me.”

“Okay come on in,” Taylor said as he walk into the bathroom…I followed him into the bathroom. I watch as he turn on the lights…I saw that the bathroom was all white with very little color in the room. Unlike the other bathroom that I was used to using. Taylor handed me that clothes as he closed the door. Then he sat on the counter by the sink…he smiled at me as I set the clothes down on the floor in front of me. I took off the shirt that I was wearing…I was so glade to remove the shirt that I didn’t realize that I had just shown Taylor the long cut on my stomach. I watch him as he jumped off of the counter and kneeled down in front of me to look at the cut on my stomach…I could tell that he was very surprised to see the cut on my tummy. He grabbed my hand as I grabbed the clothes.

He pulled me down the hallway and back into the bedroom. He kept on pulling me until I was standing in front of mom. I could tell that she was about to say something…but she stopped when she saw the long cut. I could tell that she was speechless and so was the guy. The guy looked at me then he said, “Zac, where did you get that cut?”

“The lady cut me because I wasn’t cutting the bread right. So she took me up to my room with a big knife that had something dripping off the knife. She took off my shirt and threw me onto the bed…with one hand she held me down as she cut me with the other one.

“She did what…? Zac that cut might need stanches.”

“Why…? The cut is healed up…well most of it is.”

“Still I wan the cut check out.”

“Then Walker, why don’t I take the boys to go see Zac’s doctor…”

“Okay but isn’t he at the hospital?”

“Yup but I don’t care. I’m still gonna take him to see him.”

“Alright…you can take him I just hope that nobody notices them.”

“Me too but I really don’t like how that cut looks like,” she said as I put the shirt on that I was gonna wear for bed. I just hope that that lady isn’t here or someone who might try to take me away from these nice people. WAIT…where am I going?! Did they say that they are taking me to the doctors? Oh shit! That’s not good they’re gonna find out about the…

“Zac, ya, coming?”

“Yeah, I’m coming,” I said as I walked out of the room, down the hallway and down the steps. This is gonna be a fun trip…as long as the lady who said she was my mom doesn’t get mad at what she’s about to find out about.


When we got to the hospital, well more like into the waiting room. A doctor came walking into the waiting room. My mom walked right up to him and gave him a hug. I just stood there between my older brothers and watch my mom interact with the doctor. Then I saw mom turn around and waved her hand for us to come to her. So I slowly started to walk toward mom and the doctor. But when we got close to them, they started to walk down a hallway…so I looked at Taylor and he said, “It’s okay, you don’t have to be afraid of anything we’ll be with you the whole time.”

“Really…you wouldn’t leave me with that doctor?”

“No, Zac, we wouldn’t leave you with the doctor,” Isaac said as I turn to look at him. I said, “Okay,” then we started to follow mom and the doctor down the hallway to a room that looked a little small for a hospital. The doctor asked me if he could see the cut…so I took off my shirt to show him the cut. He took his time looking at the cut and then he looked at some of the other cuts and burse that were starting to go away.

Then he turn to look at my mom and I could tell that he was very worry about me and the cuts and burses. After awhile of looking at my mom, he turn to me and said, “Zac, where…I mean who gave you these cuts? Are there anymore cuts and burses any where else on you?”

“Ummm…well…yeah there are…on my legs and…umm…can I just show you where use they are?” I said as I looked around the room to see the faces that everyone was making at what I just told them. Most of the faces were almost the same except my mom…she looks like she’s about to have a heartache or something.

“Okay, you can do that…would you guys please leave us?”

“Tay and Ike can stay I’ll leave the room.”

“Okay…oh that’s right he doesn’t remember much.”

“Yup,” my mom said as she walked out of the room and closed the door.

When the door was closed I took off my shoes and my pants to show him the other cuts and burses that I had. It was when I notice that I shouldn’t have done that because the doctor saw that the many cuts and burses on my leg that go under my boxers. Then I saw him writing things down and looking to find any other cuts and burses.

Then when he was done with that he ask me to set down on the table…when I had my pants back on. When I was sitting I had a feeling that he was gonna ask me something but I couldn’t figure out what it was. “Umm Zac did that lady ever do any sexual things with you?”

“Ummm, yeah she did, why?”

“Because of the way you don’t want to be left alone with me…and I knew you since you were a baby. Then there’s the cuts and burses…some of them look like they were just done not that long ago.”

“Zac what was the last thing this lady did with you?”

“The last thing that I remember is that she was about to do something sexual with me because I had done something wrong in her eyes.”

“That is what I thought…” the doctor started to say but there was a knock on the door. I watch as he walked over to the door to see who it was. When he open the door, I saw an officer standing there. I wasn’t sure of what the doctor was saying to him but I knew that something wasn’t right. That was when I heard the officer say, “It’s the same thing! I’m going to go after her and put her in jail. So she would not be able to hurt any more children.”

Then I heard my mom say, “What is the same? And what happen to my baby, the last three months?”

“Well you son, Zac, was sexual abuse, wasn’t feed well, and he was cut…all because he did something wrong in her eyes.”

“She did what to my baby? I want you to put her in jail and never let her out!”

“I understand why you would say that and I hope that it would come true for you. Because I know for a fact that she should have been in jail already…she had done the same thing to my cousin…who just killed him self…just yesterday. His parents took her to court but she never went to jail! She somehow got out of it.”

“Oh…my god!” was all my mom could say back to the officer. I think it was because she was speechless and did not know what else to say.


The next two days were one big blare…I think what I mostly did was sleep and eat something that mom had given me to eat. I could tell that everyone in the house was being very careful not to get me upset. I could also tell that some of my siblings wanted to know what happen to me…why I was gone for so long…and why I don’t remember a lot of things that I use to do? However, they never said any of that but I could read it in their faces.

I mainly hung out with Tay and Ike and they didn’t seem to mind me being around them all the time. It’s almost like they are use to me being around. They seem to be helping me out with where everything is and I also think they kinda want me to get some of my memorizes back…but they are not pushing me at all…you know…to get me to remember anything. However, it seems to me that there is something that they want to tell me or show me…but every time they start to tell me, whatever it is that they want to tell me, mom wants them for something…or they will just stop talking and walk away. I can see it in their, Tay and Ike, eyes that it is something very important that I don’t remember and I think that it’s killing them inside…from not telling me. I can feel…at sometimes that Tay is mad at me for some odd reason and would even walk out of the room that we, me and him, are in. it almost like he misses doing something with me but who knows if I’m right or not.


One day, I was down stairs watching some cartoons on TV. But I wasn’t really listening to what was being said on the TV. I was trying to hear what my parents were talking about in the kitchen. Even though I can only hear some words that they are saying. Then I couldn’t hear anything…so I looked at the doorway of the TV room to see my parents standing there…looking at me. So I said, “Yes?”

“Zac, honey, your father and I have to go out for awhile…we are gonna leave you here with your brothers. The young ones are at your grandparent’s house.”

“Okay…why can’t I…”

“Zac, you still need time to get your memorizes back.”

“Okay…have fun,” I said as I turn off the TV and walked out of the room towards the steps that lead up the stairs. I stopped when I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see my mother standing there. I walked into her arms as she whispered to me, “Honey, I love you and I want what’s best for you. And that means taking time to get your memorizes back and once you start to get some memorize the rest should just start coming to you.”

I moved back a little bit and just stood there…looking at her, then I saw her smile…before saying, “You gave me a hug.”

“Yeah…because I wanted to hug you and I knew you weren’t going to hurt me while I hugged you.”

“Oh…okay,” she said as I turn and went up stairs to find Ike…and…or…Taylor. When I got to the top of the steps, I heard the front door shut…as a sign that my parents had just left. I turned to walk down the hallway to my room. When I walked into the room I saw Ike sitting in a chair by the window…he looked up when he saw me walk into the room. I saw him close something out of the corner of my eye. I turn to look at him and said, “What’s that you have?”

“It’s…oh…it’s nothing,” he said as he got up and placed it up high…I’m guessing that he doesn’t want me to see it. That’s when I heard a noise down stairs…and Taylor talking to someone. Then I heard someone running up the steps…I turn to look at the door when I saw this girl run into the room, saying, “Ike…! It’s been a looong time since I saw ya last!” As she gave him a hug…he picked her up and swing her around while hugging her.

“Uh…Ike…who is that? I don’t remember her…?”

“What do you mean that you don’t remember me? I’m your best friend Zac!” she said as she got down from Ike and walked over to me. Was I really her best friend? If she was…how could I forget my best friend. That is mean thing to do…even if I did lose my memorize. I looked up to see that she was right in front of me. I could tell that she was upset…I was about to ask her what was wrong…she pulled me into a hug. Instead of letting go of the hug…she pulled me tighter and I could tell that she wasn’t going to let go anytime soon. And I was starting to have a hard time breathing. Then I remember who she was…she was Brianna…my best friend in the whole world. That’s when I said, “Hey Brianna, can you let go…I’m having a hard time breathing,” I said as she pulled back with a surprised smile on her face. I could tell that she was happy to know that I had just remember who she was.

“Hey, I thought that you didn’t remember who I was!”

“Well I didn’t until you hugged me but you wouldn’t let go…a hug that tight could only come from you!”

“Wow, that is amazing…”

“What is so amazing, Ike? What did I missed? Brianna…I told you that mom doesn’t want you around here until Zac remembers you…”

“But Taay…he does remember me…now…”

“What did she do Ike?”

“She just hugged me…you know…the tight hug,” I said as I looked at Tay…I could tell that he was trying to get a hold of what just had happen. Then all of a sudden, I saw him start to smile as he looked at me and Bria. I could tell that he was so happy that I had remember something that was so important to me.

Right then, I remember something else…I walked over to the closet and open up the door. I moved the clothes out of the way and I put all of my weight against the back of the closet. And a door slowly open up…I saw steps going up. So I went through the door and up the steps. I could tell that someone was behind me…so I turn my head around to see that Brianna, Tay, and Ike were all behind me.

As we continue to go up the steps…the steps lead up to a door that looked like it was locked. I try to open up the door and I was right…the door was lock. I looked around the door. I saw something that shine from a light hitting it. So I grabbed it and it saw that it was a key…I put the key into the lock and turned it…the door open up.

I walked into the room…without even looking around the room. I could tell that this room was important to me and I could also tell that me and Bria used to love to hung out in here. I felt someone grab my hand…I look to my left to see Brianna standing there holding my hand. I could see that she was holding my hand to help me out with something that I couldn’t put my finger on…but what does she want to help me out with. Right then I looked around the room…I saw lots of pictures of me and my brothers in different places. And I think some of the pictures are posters…what a minute…? Why are me and my brothers on posters?

“Um…Bria…why are there so many pictures of me and my bros on the wall? And are some of them posters?”

“Well, yeah…Zac, some of them are posters…I guess you don’t remember that yet. But hey that’s okay…take your time with that…I really don’t want you to rush your memorize. But take a look at some of the pictures they might help you with remembering.”

“Okay Bria…but why are you holding my hand?”

“Cuz I want to…is that okay with you?”

“Yeah…it is…” I said as I walked over to a picture to look at. I notice that Brianna was still next to me…hey this picture looks so familiar to me…but why…? Why is it taking me so long for me to remember things. It is really starting to beg me. “Hey I’m getting hungry…are you hungry?”

“Hey you still can read my mind…without even trying to do so.”

“Really…I can read your mind? Cool…let’s go get something to eat…”

“Okay…Tay…Ike…me and Zac are gonna go and get something to eat. Ya hungry or are ya gonna stay up here for awhile?”

“We’ll be down in a little bit.”

“Okay,” I said as me and Brianna went out of the room and down the steps…and into my room, then we went down stairs to the kitchen.


The rest of the week, me and Brianna hung out every day. I was remembering more things when Bria was around me. But I still couldn’t figure out about those posters and pictures in that hidden room. I knew that it had something to do with why Tay gets mad at me for no reason…and what Ike and Tay want to tell me. But I still don’t have an idea about that. I wish that I did…or at least someone could give me some hints to help me out. Or maybe a push in the right way…would really help out.

My parents are really happy with how fast I’m remembering. However, I can tell that they are upset about something. But I have no clue to why or what they are upset about.


One day…a month later, when I was at the park with Brianna. We were just relaxing and thinking about what we should do today. When a group of people walked right up to us, I didn’t know who they were but they seem to know me and Bria. I looked at Bria and whispered, “Who are those people?”

“I really don’t know them Zac…but look Tay and Ike are coming over. Maybe they know them.”

“Okay…but it seems like they know me somehow,” I said as I looked at her. She had a weird smile on her face…like she was afraid of something or afraid of what’s gonna happen.

“Hey buddy, what’s up…Brianna relax a little, they won’t hurt you,” Tay said as he sat down next to me. I saw that Ike was talking to the group of people…like he knew what he was doing.

I looked at Tay before saying, “What did those kids want? Why is Ike talking to them like he is used to talking to them?”

“Well Zac, I’m not share if I’m the one who should tell you about that.”

“But maybe you, Ike, and I should tell Zac about that one. Because it seems like he isn’t gonna remember it anytime soon.”

“Brianna’s right Tay…maybe we should tell him. And I have an idea on how to do just that,” Ike said with a smile slowly forming on his face. What am I getting myself into? I thought as I watched the group of kids walking away from us. What don’t I remember yet? Was it really that important…that my brothers and Brianna are not gonna listen to mom and dad. How is Ike gonna tell me this? Should I be afraid of what I’m going to be told? I really hope that I don’t have to be afraid but I guess I’ll have to wait to see.


That night after dinner, Ike, Tay, Brianna and me were all hanging out in the TV room…just watching TV. When Ike said as he pointed to a door, “Hey Zac do you know where that door goes to?”

I looked at Ike like he was crazy before I said, “No, I have no idea where that door goes to.”

“Okay…but aren’t…I mean don’t you want to know where the door goes to?”

“Well I wasn’t thinking about it…but now that you said something about the door…I am thinking about it.”

“Okay…then why don’t we go down… or go through the door…together,” Ike said as he looked at Tay and Bria…then at the door of the TV room. Like he was making sure that no one was coming…then he looked at me and he got up. And started to walk towards the door (the one that I don’t know where it goes) and waved his hand for everyone to follow him. He open the door then he made me and Brianna wait until Tay and him were ready for me to come down.

I saw that there were steps going down to somewhere…that was when I saw that there were pictures on the wall. I step closer to the wall to look at the pictures…which turned out to be drawings on the wall. The drawings looked very familiar to me. Almost like I had helped out with drawing them. Then I notice that it was one big picture that goes down the wall…along the steps.

I looked over at Brianna and saw that she was smiling at me. She seem happy that…that what? So I said, “Bria, I have a feeling that I helped out with making this drawing.”

“That’s because you did.”

“Really…?” I said as I started to walk down the steps but I stopped right in front of a half drawn picture. And I said, “Hey Bria…look I forgot to finish this drawing.”

“How did you know that you didn’t finish that pic…I could have not finish the picture,” Tay said as I turned to look at him.

“Tay…you didn’t draw that picture because I remember that you couldn’t even draw it on a piece of paper.”

“What…? You remember…? Wow that is amazing that you remember something like that. Just by seeing it?”


“I told him that he helped draw them but that was all I let him know about.”

“Okay…Zac you can walk the rest of the way down…just follow me…and Brianna, I think you should go down right next to Zac…you should know why.”

“Yes I know why Tay,” Brianna said as she walked down the steps to be right next to me. Then she took my hand…I looked at her and she whispered, “It’s okay, you don’t have to be afraid of what you are gonna see down there.”

“Okay…” I whispered back and started to follow Tay down the steps. When we got to the bottom of the steps I notice that there were two doors. One door was closed and there was a little light by that door. The other door was open half way…with a light on behind the door. I watched as Tay walked over to the door…half open. And slipped into the room without really moving the door. Once he was in the room I couldn’t see him and he did not look back at me.

Brianna started to walk towards the door and she started to pull me towards the door but right when I was about to open the door… I felt a hand on my shoulder. So I turned around to see dad standing behind me and he didn’t look too happy to see me about to open this door. I was about to ask him what was wrong…but my father said, “Brianna were are Tay and Ike? And why are you and Zac down here?”

“Tay and Ike are in there…I’m down here with Zac because Ike wanted me here…and it was all Ike’s idea!”

“Why do you say that like your in trouble?”

“Well aren’t I in some kinda trouble?”

“No your not in any trouble…Zac, buddy, do you know what’s behind this door?”

“Nope, but I do know that I help draw the road, mountain, people, clouds, and other things on the wall going along the steps.”

“You do…? Bria…”

“I had nothing to do with that he told me that the drawings look familiar to him. So that was when I told him that he helped with drawing them.”

“Okay that was nice of you for helping him out.”

“Dad, why did you stop me from going into that door?”

“Because I wanted to make sure that it was your idea.”

“Well…I do want to know what is behind that door.”

“Okay Zac you can do through the door but…”

“I won’t say a word.”

“Good,” Zac’s dad, Walker said as he let’s go of my shoulder and he let me go through the door.


When I want through the door, I saw instruments through out the room. However, when I came into the room more, I notice a drum kit in the back of the room. I walked over to the room really fast to the drums. They looked so familiar that I started to play them. That’s when I looked up and said, “These are my drums…was I in a band with my…I mean with Tay and Ike?”

“Well yes they are your drums but why did you ask that you and your brothers were in a band?”

“Well…ask because of all of the instruments in the room. Plus I have this dream last night that I was on a stage, the crowd was mostly were girls and they were screaming. I looked around the room and saw that Tay and Ike were on the stage with me. And they were sing a song that I could not hear the song that they were singing. I was playing the drums but I couldn’t hear them…the drums,” I said as I looked at everyone’s faces. Some of them had a confused look on their faces…Ike and Tay looked like they couldn’t figure out something. I looked over at my dad and he had a look on his face that told me that he was thinking about something. When I went to go look at Brianna I couldn’t find her. Then I felt some thing touch my arm…I turned around and saw Brianna standing behind me holding something behind her back. I was just about to ask he what was behind her back when my dad said, “Okay Zac, yes you and your brothers are in a band.”

“But we had to take a break from the band until we got you back.”


“But when we got you back…you didn’t have your memorizes.”

“So what could they do about that?” Bria said as she stood right next to me.

“Oh…so they have been waiting for me to remember that me and them are in a band.”

“Yes that’s right.”

“Wow…so that’s what they been trying to tell me about…or something down that line.”

“Yup,” Tay and Ike both said at the same time. I couldn’t believe my ears, how could I forget that I had a band with my brothers? I wonder what kinda drug that lady gave me…who the hell was that lady? I look at my dad and he smiled at me and left the room. I looked at Tay and Ike…they were both looking at me…they smile, a smile that told me that they were happy that I know remember about our band. I watch as they left the room. Leaving me alone with Brianna…I turned around to look at Bria, she was smiling. But she still had something behind her back.

I sat down on the floor…not moving my eyes off of Brianna. I watch as she sat down in one movement and not moving what ever was behind her back. We didn’t say anything for two to three minutes…until she said, “I bet your wondering what’s behind my back.”

“Yes, I am. So what is behind your back?”

“A CD…”

“What CD do you have behind you back?”

“Well I really don’t want to say what group it is but if you ask me nicely I’ll show you the CD.”

“Okay Bria…can I please see the CD that you have behind your back?”

“Sure,” she said as she pulled a orange CD case from behind her back. I took the CD and looked at it. There was a picture of my and my brothers on the front…the picture was in orange. On the back was another picture of us but in color…I looked at the songs on the back and I started to remember the songs. I open up the case and saw a symbol on the CD that look so familiar to me…I looked up at Brianna and said, “I help make that symbol.”

“Yes, you did.”

“Wow…” I said as I look back down. I saw a black and white picture of me and my bros. As I continue to look at the rest of the booklet…I started to remember more and more about my band.


When I woke up the next day, I was down in that room. I could not believe that I had fallen asleep down here. I looked around the room and saw that Brianna had also fallen asleep down here with me. I wonder why no one came looking for us? Did they know that we would fall asleep down here…hey what is that noise? Is someone coming down the steps? I thought as a sat up to face the door.

After a while the door slowly started to open up. Almost like someone was trying not to make any sound. Like they knew that someone was sleeping down here. The door open a little bit more until I saw two faces peeking around the corner of the door. Right then I realize that it was Tay and Ike. When they saw me, they open the door the rest of the way and walked over to me. They sat down in front of me before either of them said a word. Then Tay said, “It’s about time you got up.”

“Shh, Tay! Brianna is still sleeping.”

“Ooops, I didn’t see her there.”

“What time is it?”

“It’s almost noon buddy…mom and dad were starting to think that you were sick.”

“Oh…no just tired.”

“What time did you go to sleep?”

“I really don’t know what time I fell asleep…but I just remember talking with Bria.”

“Oh…”Tay and Ike both said as I notice that Brianna was starting to get up. Then she slowly looked around the room and said, “Hey what time is it?”

“It’s close to noon…why?”

“Oh…wait a minute…it’s WHAT time? I have to go home to get change and go meet up with some people by 1:30. I gotta go bye!” she said as she ran out of the room. Tay, Ike, and I all looked at each other before Tay and Ike started to laugh…as I try not to laugh but I couldn’t help it. I started to laugh at how funny she sounded and by the way she ran out of the room.


Later on that day, Tay, Ike and me were all riding bikes around down town. When we stopped to rest for a bit, I saw Brianna walking towards us…she was wearing a light blue T-shirt and a skirt that stop just few inches above her knees. She smiled when she notice me looking at her. When she got to us she said, “Hey guys what’s up?”

“Not much just riding our bikes.”

“Cool…can I come over later today to hang out?”

“Sure you can,” I said as she come over to me and sat down on my lap. I just looked at her and said, “You do know that there is room right next to me.”

“Yeah, I know but I want to sit right here…okay?”

“Okay…” I said unsure of what I should say next.

“Hey where are you going right now, Brianna?” Tay said, thank God for Tay!

“My mom wants me to hang out with some of my cousins that are in town.”

“Which means…?”

“Zac, that means that I have to be all girlie and stuff like that.”

“Oh…you mean wearing clothes you don’t like to wear.”

“That’s it…! But I like this outfit…” Bria said nice and slow as she looked at me with the most wonderful smile on her face. I return the smile and puller her closer to me as she lean back on my chest. I really like it when she was that close to me like she took all my pain and problems away.


After dinner, I was up in my room thinking about what I was gonna do that night. When the door to my room open up and I saw Tay standing there with Brianna right next to him. Then Tay said, “I told you I knew where he was.”

“Thanks Tay,” Brianna said as she walked into the room and put her bag down. Wait a minute…why does she have a bag with her? Did I miss something? When I looked at her I could tell that she had been crying about something. So I said, “Bria, what’s wrong? Why were you crying?”

When she didn’t say anything I got up off my bed and walked over to her. She pulled me into a hug and whispered, “My one cousin wants me to go on vacation with her.”

“And you don’t want to go. Am I right…”

“Yup…! And my mom told me that if I wanted to think about it…I could do so here…without my cousin making me feel bad if I don’t go with her.” She said as I pulled her closer to me and I started to rub her back to clam her down a bit. Then she said, “That’s why I have the bag with me.”

“Oh…hey stop crying…you know you can always say no if you truly don’t want to go. But I’m not going to stop you from going if you really want to go. If you do go just remember me…and have some fun.”

“But Zacy I don’t want to go…I can’t stand my cousin and I would really miss you too much…to go away. Now if you could go I’ll go…but I know that won’t be happening anytime soon.”

“But I want you to go so I can spend more time with practicing and writing new songs. Along with working on some songs with Tay and Ike. Plus I’ll miss you two…you are my best friend and you really help me remember most…well almost every thing that I had forgotten about. But still I want you to go.”

“Well if you want me to go…then I’ll go. But I’ll my mom in the morning okay?”


“Good…so what cha want to do now?”

“Why don’t we just watch a movie so I can go to sleep early…I need to be ready to leave by one…the next…I mean tomorrow.”

“Okay…that’s okay with me…why don’t we let Tay and Ike pick out a movie for us.”

“K…!” Brianna said as she drop her bag down on the floor by my bed and took my hand. And we walked down stairs to watch a movie that Ike and Tay wanted to see.


I had woke up before anyone else did. He got up and took a nice long warm shower, I made myself breakfast. Then I thought that I would be nice and make breakfast for everyone.

So when I was done eating, I made breakfast for everyone…which woke Brianna up. She sleepy walk into the kitchen as I put a plate onto the table and he said, “Good morning Brianna…ya hungry? I made breakfast…for everyone!”

“Okay thank you,” Brianna said as she sat down at the table and started to eat the pancakes.


20 minutes later, me and Brianna were saying goodbye to each other. I could tell that she really didn’t want to go but I insure her that she would have fun on this trip. And when she comes back she can tell me every thing that she saw and did. I even told her that she could write me when she had the time to and if she wanted to.

We really didn’t say much to each other, I guess that was because we really didn’t want to say goodbye to each other. So I said, “Hey don’t cha forget hat you can always call me if you wan to talk…anytime it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Okay…I’ll have to remember that,” Brianna said as she took my hand into hers and just looked me in the eyes. I could tell that she wanted me to do something but I wasn’t sure if she wanted me to kiss her or not. So I leaned in a little closer and I notices that she had moved in a little bit more too. I took that as a sign that she wanted me to kiss her…so I put my other hand behind her head and pulled her lips to mine. And I kissed her slow at first then she started to open her mouth up a little bit so I did the same. The kiss had reminded me that I had kissed her before then and it almost went out of hand. Right then I pulled away and I saw that she had a smile on her face. Then she let go of my hand as I waved goodbye to her with my other hand. She waved back and I watched her walk away from my house to her house. I can’t believe that she only lives two blocks away from me. Then I turned around and Tay said, “What a nice day?”

“Nope…it’s summer time!” I said as I walked into the house.


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I took down my two stories....i well be putting them back up later on. if i fell like it.
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It's going slow with writing the new chapter for my story...but i well post it when i'm done writing it.

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I'm working on the story....i just have to find the time to work on it. but i should post it sometime this week.
Feb. 8th, 2009 10:20 pm

new LJ

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Hey, i just wanted to let everyone know that i have another LJ....that i well be posting a story that i'm writting with a friend. here is the link to it.

i well still be posting the one story that i'm myself here.
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new story

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I'm going to put 'on vacation' to the side until i can figure out what i want to do with it....and talk to some people about it. i'm starting a new story but i don't know when i'll start to put it up....i like to hand write my stories out....but right now i'm working on chapter two. but it should be up soon. bye.
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I hate it when my mom tries to put things onto my mom had took off my enter to my computer that i sare with my sister, a long time ago. now my mom wants it back on again. but it won't work right. she even crash my computer and that didn't work. it took me three days to find all of my things again. she just gave up the other day....and i'm so happy that she isn't messing up my computer again.
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i'm stuck on my story and i was wondering if anyone wants to help me out or give me a way to go with the story.
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hey ya all

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Hey, i'm sorry that i haven't posted my one story i have been busy with writing a story with my one friend....we well be posting the story on both of our journals...i'll let you know when we are going to be doing that. bye.
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Hey i just wanted to make some new friends that are into writing and reading fanfics. i was kinda hoping that i could make some new friends so i can start posting some of my stories that i have wrote and that i'm working on.
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new here

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Hi, everyone i'm new and i'm trying to get a hand on how everything is goes on here. so just bear with me. K? thanks.
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